I grew up in southern Iowa and married my hometown sweetheart. We lived in several communities along US 34 as we raised our children. I was offered a generous scholarship to attend graduate school at Regent University which then sent our family to Virginia where we resided for the next 20 years.

In 2009, with children raised, my husband and I felt that it was time for us to move back to our home state. We felt the return to an area with a whole lot less hustle, bustle, and traffic would be good for us as we quickly approach our 'golden years.'

Wouldn't you know it? We settled in yet another small community along the same stretch of highway as before–good ol' highway 34! A beautifully renovated Victorian era church caught our eye. We found that it held everything we need; a very nice one bedroom apartment upstairs, the main floor that accommodated our business quite nicely, and a basement with more room for storage, guests, entertaining, etc. I am privileged to view two extremely large stained glass windows every day, as my office is located in the sanctuary area of the church.

Everything has worked out quite nicely in this lovely community except the 'slowing down' part. We have a very busy practice; come to find out, there aren't many clinical psychologists in rural Iowa.

To have a giggle and get an idea of what my life is like, you'll find my blog on my website where I add new ramblings pretty much every month. Hope you enjoy...